firewall software for pc and anti virus also computer security and anti virus software for internet privacy for adware and spyware or spy sweeper also special spy ware and spy or spy software to track using a key logger for network monitoring to perform internet investigation or be a net detective or cyber detective to find people or people search for family search also get identity theft protection to protect credit card and your credit report against credit card fraud for victims to repair credit you should also be anonymous surfing or using anonymous proxy to hide ip address for ip mask or ip masking for recovering lost file or recover deleted file we recommend this data recovery software for file recovery to stop email spam use anti spam or spam filter or email filter for improve performance use this pc booster and window utility to recover ram and ram booster for windows and internet optimizer online the best popup killer for popup windows is here also for eliminating pop up use this pop up stopper for pop up blocker also you should clean hard drive and window washer with this web eraser best in the globe also see special offer and discount on this internet eraser for cache cleaner and delete history for an internet washer and evidence eliminator
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stop email spam and anti spam
firewall protection also computer security and internet privacy
anti virus protection software and computer security
PC booster and windows optimizer also internet optimizer
spy ware removal and adware removal also spy sweeper
file recovery and email recovery also recovering lost file
Identity theft protection and credit card fraud protection
Stop Pop-up Ads with a Pop up blocker or a pop up stopper software
Investigate people perform your own internet investigation and people search
Spying/Monitoring by using Spy software and network monitoring
Anonymous Surfing and ip address masking through anonymous proxy
Hard Drive Cleaning and Clean hard drive with web tracks erasing
Web Tracks Erasing and clean hard drive also an internet eraser
Additional popular products we have researched
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If this is your first visit be sure to BOOKMARK US/ADD US TO YOUR FAVORITES now so you can find us again when you need us. This page is an overview of our latest results. Use the navigation tabs to the left to learn more in depth about each area. We listened to your requests and then exhaustively searched the globe, the web, the internet to bring you all the best in one place.

We continue to bring you insight and understanding on some of the newest, innovative, essential and most requested areas of essential PC software, security and internet technology including: PC firewall protection- PC anti virus software protection - computer security - internet privacy - stopping automated email spam - anti spam - spam filter - email filter - how to stop or control popup advertising window, windows - pop up blocker - pop up stopper - popup killer - how to boost your Pc performance and internet connection - window utility - pc booster - ram booster - internet optimizer- speed test - spyware - adware - thiefware - key logger ware - track ware information and comparisons - recover deleted file and email - recovering lost file - file recovery - data recovery - anonymous surfing - hide ip address - ip masking - ip mask and internet privacy - clean hard drive - hard drive cleaning and web tracks eraser - track eraser - window washer - identity theft protection - identity theft - identity fraud - credit card fraud - credit report - repair credit - credit check - credit rating - credit bureau - consumer credit counseling. As well as: information on starting your own internet investigation - net detective - cyber detective - find people - search - people search - spy - spyware - spy ware - network monitoring - internet monitoring - key logger - spyware information.

All negotiated discounts, massive discounts and special offers you find at Software were made possible through the support of our loyal visitors and Software committed Webmasters and Web mistresses. Volume makes it all possible, so please visit us often. Our appreciation and thanks to all, especially those who sent this link to a friend, Thank You.

Stopping automated email spam or anti spam or spam filter or email filter software

Our top choice
for controlling unsolicited email is Spam Arrest - utilizing the newest innovation's in technology. Also highly acclaimed for ease of use and effectiveness! Click on cartoon for a great demonstration. (turn speakers on)

Click Here to view a great cartoon video demonstration of how Spam Arrest works, Cartoon Video pop up window will load in about 3-5 seconds

Click the link below for a 30-Day Free Trial! or to learn more
email spam stopping and anti spam the best spam filter

To learn more about spam and other spam related product choices click here or the tab in the navigation bar.


Firewall security or Computer security or Anti virus software Protection and Privacy

Our top choice: We found one product that will deliver the highest quality of protection and security. It combines firewall protection to guard you from hackers and other intruders from getting into your computer while connected to the internet. Also it provides the highest level of anti virus protection to guard against virus threats. It also provides the cure for viruses that may currently exist on your computer. Specializes in scanning your computer and curing viruses and recognizing any virus that attempts to get into your computer either though internet or email. Most importantly, included with the combination purchase is one year of instant live updates for the newest virus outbreaks. There virus research and cure development department is one of the best in the world. You will find that usually they will have the cure for a new virus before you even hear about the outbreak.

Click the link below to learn more about McAfee firewall and anti virus protection

firewall and anti virus software for computer security logo_125x40

Save $5 on McAfee VirusScan Online

To learn more about firewall and anti virus protection as well as other related product choices click here


PC Booster or ram booster or window utility or windows optimizer or internet booster

Our top choice:
We found one product of incredible value and quality in this area - Asmw PC-Optimizer pro v6.0. It combines the most features in one software (19+ tools in 1). Click here for product detail summary. They also currently offers a lifetime of free upgrades. Asmw PC-optimizer Pro v. 6.0 increases computer and internet speed dramatically.

pc booster and ram booster the best window utility and internet optimizer software for windows
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about improving PC performance and more choices of other related software click here


PC Spyware or Adware or keylogger ware  detection and removal software

Our top choice:
if you have ever received spam email, downloaded free software or shared files you probably have more than one of these installed on your computer, monitoring you and your habits. Our top choice scans your computer for all known types then removes them. It will then monitor and alert you to any attempts to install these types of virtually invisible files through email, downloads or web surfing. Also has a software update feature to keep you up to date with the latest spying threats. Lifetime technical support included.

spyware and adware removal, ad ware and spy sweeper software
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about Spyware or Adware or thiefware detection and more choices of other related software click here


Recovering lost file and files or email and file recovery by data recovery software

Our top choice:
If you ever accidentally deleted a file or email there is a good chance that you can restore it because It is still embedded on your hard drive. (for permanently erasing these embedded files from your hard drive see "Clean Hard Drive" below) The sooner you restore it the better. there is always a chance that you may corrupt the file by overwriting it. It's safer to have this type of software already installed on your PC so you can quickly recover it. Our top choice can recover any type of file including email that has been lost or deleted. All from a user friendly control panel.

recovering lost file and file recovery also data recovery software
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about data recovery, file recovery, recover lost file and other choices of related software click here


Identity theft protection and credit card fraud protection also your credit report

Our top choice:
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes of the century. It's almost becoming an epidemic especially in the US. If this has not yet happened to you or someone you know you are fortunate. Not looking into this service could cause you a lot of headaches down the road when this personal violation happens to you. If you are a victim, you can use this service to help repair all of the damaged that has been caused. The best service is the 3 month special which includes: unlimited access to your 3 in 1 credit report, understanding credit scoring, it checks your Equifax report daily for any changes or inquires then Email alerts you if there are any, credit analyzer tool with expert advice, $2500 fraud insurance, access to credit education specialists Mon-Sat. - Check Your Credit Score!, credit card, identity theft protection, credit card fraud protection, credit report, credit bureau, repair credit
To Learn more click on the ReliaCredit image above

To learn more about Identity theft protection, credit card fraud, credit report, and other service providers click here


Pop up blocker and pop up stopper or popup stopper and popup killer software

Our top choice:
Tired of annoying pop up windows? our top choice, best value, best performance for this also has a convenient on/off control integrated into your web browser, incase you want to see these pop up ads once in a while. Also has 4 sensitivity levels in case you want to see more or less pop up's. The highest sensitivity level will block all known and unknown types of pop up's.

pop up blocker and pop up stopper or popup killer software for your pc
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about pop up blocker, pop up stopper software and for other choices of related software click here


Perform an internet investigation, be a net detective to find people or people search

Our top choice:
offers unlimited access to there members area. There you will find links to all the best and pertinent internet investigation sites, databases, resources all in one place. These links will help you to get access to literally 1,000's of public records and personal information databases. They provide this through there easy to use online control panel located at there members area. They are constantly researching, adding, deleting links to give you the most information in the fastest most accurate way possible. They have been at the forefront of providing online investigations since they started in 1995. Whether you are in law enforcement, private investigator or just curious this investigative tool is a must have. You can investigate anyone anonymously and legally from the privacy of your home or office. Investigate yourself, date, old girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse, boss, employee, doctor, nanny, teacher, enemies, friends, classmates, coworkers.

We highly recommend purchasing this service now, either for research or just for fun. For the time being they currently are still offering lifetime membership which includes unlimited searches for just $29.95. Get it now and use it for years to come. Start your own investigation in less than 2 minutes.

internet investigation and net detective also people search
Click here to learn more and to start investigating

To learn more about internet investigation, people search, net detective, other choices of related software click here


Spy software to spy or network monitoring and key logger and ip monitor software

Our top choices:
If you ever wanted to find out what your children, spouse, co workers, or anyone were doing on their computer or the internet. We have found three top choices for this area, listed below. All are equally effective but are installed on the monitored PC differently and the reports are saved or sent differently. All three listed below, once installed will operate in stealth mode undetected by the user.

First choice: Spector Pro v.4.0 needs to be installed on the computer that will be monitored. This means you will need access to the computer to install the software. It will operate in stealth mode in the background undetected by the user. It provides five tools in one. Monitoring email, chat, instant messaging, web site's visited, keystrokes. It Also comes with snapshot recording which can record up to hundreds of screen captures an hour. It also comes with keyword alert, which will send you a detailed report through email every time a specific keyword is found on the PC. To view all reports except for the keyword alert report you will need to have access to the PC where all log files are organized neatly through their user friendly control panel for your review. You can review a days or weeks worth of PC activity in just minutes.

spy and spy software also spy ware and network monitoring software
Click here to learn more and download

Second Choice: Spector eBlaster v.3.0 needs to be installed on the computer that will be monitored. there is an optional remote installation add on that can install the software on the computer to be monitored by sending an email to that computer. After installation Spector eBlaster will then record email, chat, instant messaging, web site's visited, keystrokes and automatically send this recorded information to you using email. It will also send you a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails instantly. It also can send you an activity report to your email every 60 minutes, easily adjustable up to once a day, of all email, chat, instant messaging, web site's visited, keystrokes.

Spector Eblaster spy and spy software also spy ware and network monitoring software
Click here to learn more and download

Third Choice: i Spy Now v3.0 spy software is a remote web-based surveillance and administration system. It is installed remotely by sending the computer you need to monitor a blank email file. You do not need access to the Pc that will be monitored, all you need is their email address. Once the file is installed all pc activity is recorded including keystrokes, websites visited, chat/instant messaging, disk/file changes, applications that have been run, windows, passwords, system information, more. You can then view the activity logs at the secure I spy now special web interface. An icon or short cut can be placed on your computer for quick access. Also it can monitor multiple PC's simply and easily. It can also be remotely uninstalled from the computer that is being monitored. You also have the option of letting the PC user know they are being monitored, a short message can appear, if you prefer, every time the computer is restarted. you can turn this option on or off at any time. As mentioned above it operates in complete stealth, undetectable to the user and also utilizes cloaking.

When clicking on the link below, locate the "i Spy Now" image shown below at the linked website to learn more or download.

ispynow spy and spy software also spy ware and network monitoring software
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about spy spy software network monitoring key logger ip monitor and more software choices click here


Anonymous surfing and ip masking to hide ip address through an anonymous proxy

Our top choice:
is Anonymizer Private Surfing v.2.1. As you surf the web your personal information can be retrieved and used to monitor your every move. Personal information including your ip or exact computer location, your isp, your email addres, etc. Private Surfing v.2.1 allows you to surf anonymously, masking your ip, isp, email, etc. This is accomplished when your surfing anonymously your using their servers. Using your own browser when you request anything the request goes through their servers, the information is retrieved and then sent to your browser. All done quickly and seamlessly to you, the end user. It also provides a privacy tool bar for Internet explorer users so you can turn anonymous surfing on and off with ease. Your web history log file only records your connection to the Anonymizer server.

When clicking on the link below this brings you to their main site, you can locate Anonymizer Private Surfing v.2.1 from there.

anonymous surfing and ip masking through an anonymous proxy
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about anonymous surfing, ip masking, ip mask, hide ip address and other choices of related software click here


Clean hard drive and web tracks erasing also internet eraser and cache cleaner

Our top choice:
is Evidence Eliminator v.6.0. They were one of the first and still clearly the best. Every website you have visited, email, pictures, movies you have ever seen could easily be recovered from your computer to haunt you. Traces of these files are also stored on your computer and embedded on your hard drive. Evidence Eliminator permanently erases these files then overwrites them to 00 using sector analysis technology, This technology is similar to the technology found in ultra high priced tools that are used by the US Department Of Defense for data destruction. The program is fully customizable and is easy one click operation.

Evidence Eliminator hard drive clean and window washer also internet eraser software
Click here to learn more and download

To learn more about hard drive cleaning, web tracks eraser, internet eraser and other choices of related software click here.


  NEW  Click here to download a free scan of your PC with Evidence Eliminator V6.0


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